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About BHA


BHA Design is a Landscape Architecture firm located in Fort Collins, Colorado, a vibrant college town 60 miles north of Denver. Tucked up against the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains, outdoor spaces and outdoor recreation are very important to the culture of Fort Collins and BHA. The beautiful setting inspires and pushes BHA toward smart design, design which enhances a space, whether it is an alleyway, a streetscape, or a park, and design which considers longevity and environmental impact. To achieve this level of design, BHA emphasizes creativity, learning, and collaboration. We have found that working closely together pushes us to be our best. Ultimately, we hope to make a positive impact on our community and on the communities we serve.

Firm Description

Founded by Bruce Hendee in 1993, BHA is currently owned by Angela Milewski and Roger Sherman. Working along with 7 other designers and one intrepid office manager. Angie and Roger are proud of the firm’s collaborative culture, and believe that excellent communication and respect are at the heart of good design. While we are happy to enjoy our work, we are driven to provide sustainable, smart designs, designs which make communities more beautiful and functional; designs which renew, restore and artfully enhance public spaces.

The word design is included in our firm’s name for a reason. When something is designed, it has intention. BHA’s intention is to create designs which reflect the unique experience of each community and client. To that end, we employ people with diverse life experiences, perspectives, and interests. Each designer has a unique voice which contributes to the firm’s success.

Design is only a part of what we do. BHA’s project managers are well-versed in leading teams throughout the design process, hosting public meetings and forums, and getting complicated and sometimes contentious proposals approved. We love to see conceptual designs become realities, and understand the many steps it takes to make that happen. A happy day at BHA is the day a photo of a built work, once just a design idea, goes up on the wall. And while we have received awards for many of these designs, every design that comes to fruition for a client and a community makes what we do rewarding. It is why we love what we do, and why we strive to do it with excellence in pursuit of world class design.