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BHA Design Inc. is a landscape architecture and planning firm established in January of 1993. We have three driving philosophies that inform our project designs. We believe every site design should be sustainable, therapeutic, and fun. Each of these characteristics, when woven together, create a fabric that brings people together with the land in such a way that they respect the inherent beauty of nature, they are healed by its unspoken power, and they leave happier and healthier than when they entered. We practice these philosophies on a daily basis.

We offer a broad range of services related to landscape architecture.  While our team is composed of licenced and novice landscape architects, we offer expertise in a variety of design fields including planning, entitlement, landscape architecture, sign design and graphic design fields.


Big vision. Big ideas. BHA provides planning services for a wide variety of development projects ranging in scale from town planning, to site specific master plans.


BHA provides entitlement services on a regular basis for most of our projects requiring such services. We have relationships with the planning departments for many front range communities and actively participate on steering committees and discussion panels.  As the ring leader for site design, we are often best positioned to represent our clients during the entitlement phase of projects.

Landscape Architecture

Our team of expert landscape architects provide superior design and consulting services for our clients. We pride ourselves in applying creativity, experience and expertise to reach our clients goals on every project.  We strive to provide cutting edge design in collaboration with our many sub consultants who value our grounded yet creative design approach.

We are committed to providing innovations in sustainable site development concepts. We have direct experience with the LEED Green Building Rating System, and can provide design expertise to obtain the maximum possible credits for Sustainable Sites and Water Efficiency.

Sign Design

Signs are an integral part of site design providing important communication, way finding and spacial orientation. We feel that your message is important and worth sharing.  BHA offers sign design as part of our larger design efforts in campus planning and on a one-off basis.  When it comes to monumental signs, we call them environmental graphics and we aim to fully integrate the messaging with the site and landscape to create a complete and meaningful expression.

Graphic Design, Rendering, Illustration

Graphic design and communication is integral to the practice of landscape architecture. Our skilled team is able to depict concepts and ideas in attractive and easily understood graphic format suitable to our clients needs. BHA provides graphic design services for our clients from charrette sketches to full blown billboard illustrations.  We transform our clients ideas into true to life representations which are then used in a variety of ways ranging form public outreach to news articles and promotional materials.  Our designers are proficient at Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop and Illustrator as well as 3D modeling with SketchUp and photo realistic rendering software.

We’ve heard “don’t trust the pretty picture” and we accept the challenge. We back up our graphic designs with AutoCAD accuracy and we are committed to translating our illustrations into real world landscape and land form design. Accuracy and honesty are hallmarks of our graphic style.

Our Philosophy

We believe every project brings unique opportunities and with it the chance to provide lasting design solutions that are sustainable, attractive and enhance the people’s lives that are affected by the design.