The CIPO project greatly reduces flood risk east of the New Mercer Ditch, including Constitution Avenue to City Park Drive and Elizabeth Street to Prospect Road. This project will removes approximately 150 to 200 homes from the floodplain, improves water quality in Red Fox Meadows Detention Basin and downstream to Heatheridge Ponds. CIPO includes significant site improvements to Red Fox Meadows, Avery Park, Glenmoore, Fairbrook, and the Kane property.

The CIPO project is a joint collaboration between the City of Fort Collins Utilities & Natural Areas programs. Through the city’s Alternative Product Delivery System, the design team consisting of City emplyees, engineering and design professionals, and the general contractor, worked hand in hand thru the entire process from conceptual planning to project completion. BHA Design’s primary role on the project was to develop a vision for the re-establishment of a “natural” area while maintaining the required engineered parameters of the stormwater system. We were tasked with refining the grading plan to reflect a more natural landscape, develop a landscape / habitat reclamation plan including plant selection and feature design, assist with the 404 permit application, and work with the Natural Resources Department to plan out the designed wetlands and uplands planting plans. BHA also contributed to the unique outfall structure design and art in public places implementation which included integral colored concrete structures with custom form liners. BHA also designed two outdoor classrooms / boardwalks and a small trail head servicing the new trail system throughout the project.