Fossil Creek Park - Theme Design - Shark Jaw Archway

Fossil Creek Community Park is a 100-acre park site located in a newly developing area of southeast Fort Collins. The park protects and enhances the wetlands of Fossil Creek as it passes through the site.

BHA developed thematic plans for the park utilizing Colorado’s rich geologic history. Coordinated within the interpretative theme are many amenities, including ball fields, a recreation center, an amphitheater, basketball and tennis courts, a skateboard park, themed adventure playgrounds, group picnic areas, and interactive water features.

When you arrive at Fossil Creek Park you see kids swinging from the tusks of a giant mammoth, climbing the bones of a dinosaur, sneaking through the jaws of a shark, splashing in an ancient watering hole and exploring the home of Neanderthal Man. The park also features facilities for tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball, inline hockey, and skateboarding in an urban style skate park. If you’re in the mood for something a little quieter, sit on the top of the large grassy knoll overlooking the park, with beautiful views of Long’s Peak, or walk along the miles of trails around the park and explore the wetlands, the lakes, and Adventure Island.  When you are hungry, there are plenty of places to spread out a picnic.  Two large pavilions, meant to represent the Greek Phoenix, a symbol of life and renewal, provide plenty of space for gatherings.