Project Goals

  1. Connect Downtown to the Poudre River and the Poudre River Trail;
  2. Respect and protect the Poudre River;
  3. Honor the City’s historic roots and blend with evolving new visions;
  4. Accommodate and enhance the setting for existing and future businesses;
  5. Enhance the vibrant Downtown urban center creating a more enjoyable, attractive and inviting destination;
  6. Create a unique district reflecting the agri-industrial architectural character;
  7. Accommodate future needs of the Farmer’s Market;
  8. Create a compelling reason for people to cross Jefferson Street;
  9. Maximize on-street parking;
  10. Improve transit stops, pedestrian access, and bicycle access;
  11. Upgrade utilities to support potential re-development.

Project Background
The River District (including this portion of Linden Street) is a piece of what City Plan refers to as the Poudre River Corridor. The River District is described as a “sub-district of downtown” and the “Historic and Cultural Core Segment” of the Poudre River Corridor. The core of the River District near Linden and Willow Streets is significant in its role in the settlement of the City of Fort Collins.