A new regional water quality basin, located in the growing northeast suburbs of Fort Collins, will provide residents opportunities to explore and interact with natural flora and fauna and increase the cities flood mitigation capacity.  Both basins will be within a Nature in the City, 10 minute ‘walk to nature’ program which seeks to increase residents connection to nature while enhancing wildlife habitat.  The basins are designed with nature in mind to improve wildlife connectivity throughout the city and provide critical habitat for indigenous species.

A soft trail complete with stepping boulders at areas where saturated soils are expected, will traverse one of the sites providing connectivity to surrounding trails and opportunities for people to have close encounters with ecology in action.  Plants native to our area, fallen snags, and a mix of upland and low lying areas are used to provide high quality habitat to help residents understand how northern Colorado species interact with their surroundings all within the context of the engineered, urban land and water management systems.