Eastman Park Poudre River Access

The Cache La Poudre River and the Town of Windsor depend on one another, one to sustain life and one to protect it. Windsor’s diverse and beautiful river valley is a magnet for wildlife and people, and Eastman Park is unique in that it is the town’s only public park that brings people in direct contact with the Poudre River. This Park offers the opportunity for residents to really get their feet wet; to soak up the Colorado sun, cool off in the shadow of a cottonwood tree, and splash in the river’s water.

Bringing people to the river is exciting, and it can be done in a way that prevents the river and its banks from being “loved to death”. Man-made features constructed within the river channel, such as put-ins/take-outs and the Large River Access, have been thoughtfully placed and integrated into the banks considering bank stabilization, flooding, impacts to wetlands and riparian vegetation, terrestrial and aquatic wildlife, and safety.

Eastman Park Phase 1 enhanced the Poudre River edge with a stepped boulder plaza access with intake/outtake areas up steam and downstream for recreation activities like tubing. Additionally, this project sought to increase available parking, drop off areas, and improve the existing access road along the west side of the skate park.